Sable Treatment Mat

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Safe footing and innovative blotch resistant colors, designed for clay and mud treatments and used in thousands of prestigious spas, perfect for households on the go. Choose from four earth inspired colors: Olive, Slate, Bruno or Clay

Slip-Less© technology ensures safe entrance and exit from shower or bath with hundreds of eco-friendly floor-gripping pellets, which are applied without glues or chemical adhesives

100% long-fibre Brazilian cotton sustainably farmed, woven to 700GSM by a curated composite system blending the strongest cotton fibers—for ideal absorbency and softness

Used in thousands of spas for clay and mud treatments, our innovative technology uses a specialized dye process which enables the use of bleach on color that will not blotch

  • Water temp of minimum 140º but less than 190º
  • Separate colors from whites
  • Pre-soak is not required
  • May use non-chlorine bleach or Benzene for minor stains
  • Anionic Softener may be used in moderation
  • Tumble dry low heat
  • Toss Friendsheep Organic Eco Wool Dryer Balls in the dryer: 3+ for small loads, 6+ for larger loads

Friendsheep Sustainable Wool designs environmentally friendly goods in the US

Eliminate dryer sheets with Fair Trade, zero-waste Organic Eco Dryer Balls. Their natural gentle tumbling movement assists to further separate your items, allowing the heat to better flow and naturally reduce wrinkles, static cling, and drying time.

These 100% organic New Zealand wool dryer balls are individually hand-made with love by artisanal women in the Himalayan Valley of Kathmandu in Nepal.


Product Options

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Bruno Sable Tub Mat with Pellets - 19"x34"19 × 34 in$27.00
Clay Sable Tub Mat with Pellets - 19"x34"19 × 34 in$27.00
Slate Sable Tub Mat with Pellets - 19"x34"19 × 34 in$27.00
Olive Sable Tub Mat with Pellets - 19"x34"19 × 34 in$27.00



Cotton fluff and wood chips from local furniture factories are upcycled and compressed into briquettes – which generates heat and is then converted into hydro-power that naturally powers all machinery.


Looming process use flour and water which washes out cleanly in the dying process. Our dying process is Oeko-Tex certified.


Our non-chemical water purification plant uses live bacteria to break down the dye pigment. The waters are returned to the river cleaner than when captured.


All factory operations are in one building eliminating excess transportation thereby increasing efficiency and lowering carbon footprint, diminishing pollution and fuel consumption.

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