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Our Story

From Our Family to Yours

The Madison Collection is a multigenerational owned and operated family business purveying luxury linen products to 5-star Hotels and Spas in over 50 countries. For more than two decades, our business practices have honored the environment and contributed to a sustainable future for our children and yours.

The ‘aha’ moment

We were founded and created by visionary entrepreneur Charmaine T. Lang. A South African immigrant and single mother who spent months at a time on the road selling cash registers and point of sales terminals.

On one particular trip after working long days and missing her young son and home, she took a hot shower to ease her weariness. As she wrapped herself in the scratchy hotel towel, Charmaine felt an immediate disconnect. While the shower was renewing, the towels were not. It was in this ‘aha’ moment that The Madison Collection was born, and Charmaine began her journey to create luxury bath towels and robes that cocoon you with the ‘feeling of a hug from a loved one.’

Twenty years later, Charmaine has built a global company based on her belief that people deserve to feel loved and caressed by their most intimate products, and The Madison Collection serves an international clientele in 50+ countries and growing. By maintaining her convictions and high standard of ethics, she is world renowned for sourcing, designing, and manufacturing the finest in sustainable cotton towels, robes, and bath accessories in the industry while maintaining high standards of environmental and social responsibility.

Background - Testimonials

That Feeling of a

Hug from a Loved One.

Charmaine T. Lang
Founder of The Madison Collection

The Next Generation

The unparalleled commitment to creating products that feel good and do good has been evolved by the next generation of the Lang family—Charmaine’s son Gilad and his wife Marisa.

Prior to joining The Madison Collection, Gilad Lang spent 17 years working in the social impact sector, helming numerous humanitarian projects, including HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns for underserved communities in Romania, and domestic violence awareness campaigns and child health and safety campaigns in South Africa. A former Peace Corps Fellow with extensive training in anti-oppression work, Gilad possesses an unwavering commitment to making The Madison Collection a thought leader in the industry for socially conscious business practices.

Marisa Lang has distinguished herself in the fashion industry for redefining beauty as something that comes from within. A certified yoga instructor, Marisa prioritizes holistic wellness in her creative process. She designs fashions that are chemical-free, and is cognizant of the ingredients that go into the items she puts on people’s bodies. She specializes in fashion design that makes people feel wonderful about themselves and that serves to activate their inner beauty.

Gilad and Malisa

Together Gil and Marisa are primed to carry forth The Madison Collections’ esteemed reputation, and to evolve the business in meaningful ways for both current and future clientele. Indeed, Gil and Marisa only consciously craft products they would be proud to put on their own child or family member and strive to have every consumer feel that same sense of fidelity.

The Extended Family

Not only is The Madison Collection owned and operated by a family, but the factory we use in Brazil to make our world class products has been in the same family since 1932, currently in their 4th generation of leadership. From our own founding in 1999, The Madison Collection and our factory partner operate together based on a handshake agreement and family values. That is the level of trust and mutual respect we bring to our shared operating principles. Together we are truly one extended family, as evidenced by the priority we place on quality of life for workers at our partner factory.

The factory employs 1,400 people who benefit from:

  • Free transportation to work
  • Free meals
  • Free on-site medical center with physician
  • An on-site day care
  • A community center
  • On-site nutritionist and wellness coaches
  • A fitness instructor who comes to the factory twice a day to provide exercise breaks
  • Forums to freely share ideas on how to improve productivity, safety, and quality of life at the factory, and over 400 of those ideas have been implemented
  • Democratically elected shift management, which has led to the majority of leadership positions being held by women
  • 25% percent of net profits are shared equally among every team member
  • Salaries that are double the national average

We are two multigenerational family businesses operating in harmony with each other, people, and the planet.

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