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Green Manufacturing Process

From sourcing to production, we are intentional about our relationship with the natural world, and our commitment to preserving it. Everyday, we effect change by what we purchase. Your purchase with the Madison Collection contributes to a better world for people, the environment and our future.

100% Cotton

100 Percent Cotton

We begin with the finest and most sustainably farmed cotton, in partnership with the BETTER COTTON INITIATIVE (BCI). Cotton yarn is quality graded from 0 – 7. We only use cotton graded 5.5 and higher, which ensures longer, stronger fibers that yield greater absorbency.

Single Site Manufacturing

Single Manufacturing Site

Our factory partner in Brazil is one of very few in the world that does the spinning, weaving, drying, cutting and sewing on the same premises, which does the double duty of both reducing our carbon footprint and offering consistency of product.

Regenerative Energy

Regenerative Energy

Excess fluff from the spinning process and the dirt from cleaning the cotton is collected and made into briquets. We buy the waste wood—only from replanted trees—from local furniture factories and make wood chips. We then use the briquets and the wood chips to fuel a fire, which heats the water to power the factory.

Natural Water Purification

The factory also has a water-purification system that uses live bacteria rather than chemicals to break down any dye pigment, ultimately returning water to the river cleaner than when it was captured.

Natural Looming

Natural Looming

When setting up the looms, we only use flour and water to fortify and strengthen the cotton strands, which washes out naturally in the dying process. No glue is used at any stage in our production.

Oeko-Tex Dying

Oeko-Tex Dying

Only Oeko-Tex certified optical dye solutions with a minimal amount of peroxide are used in our products, rather than the common industry standard that relies on bleach.

Upcycled Packaging

Upcycled Packaging

Our boxes and tape are manufactured from recycled paper. The box tape is created from a flour and water compound instead of chemical glue, and biodegradable plastic bags are used to pack our products, further diminishing impact on the environment.

A Big Problem with Microfibers

Synthetic fabrics such as rayon, polyester and spandex contain tiny non-biodegradable plastics called microfibers. When a single synthetic material is machine-washed, up to 1,900 microplastic fibers are released. These microfibers contaminate our oceans, our drinking water and food supply.

The Madison Collection uses only 100 percent natural fibers in all our products—no microfibers. Our use of only natural fibers aids in supporting the delicate global ecosystem, while keeping our water and food chains safer.

Background - Testimonials

The most intimate products we purchase are those that

touch our skin.

Gilad Lang
Vice President of The Madison Collection

A Product That Feels Good And Does Good

The Madison Collection believes in designing unparalleled luxury robes, towels, and spa linens that create a sensory experience and provide an elevated moment in the day of our clientele.

We also believe this can be achieved while maintaining harmony with the natural world and all of its inhabitants. This extends beyond our eco-friendly operational practices and goes to our commitment to corporate social responsibility. When it comes to practicing authentic social responsibility, we have taken a deep and truthful look at the impact we’re causing in the world. For example, while our towels are designed to use less natural resources, excess water usage is a big issue for the industry.

For too many, clean and safe drinking water is a luxury when it should be a basic human right. The Madison Collection has embraced addressing this fundamental human rights issue, and has partnered with Wine to Water to make a difference. This international, non-profit organization supports developing nations in gaining access to clean water.

Our commitment through the FEEL GOOD + DO GOOD initiative is that for each online bath robe order, we deliver one family in need (7+ people) in Haiti or The Dominican Republic with an in-home water filter, providing 7+ years of safe drinking and cooking water.

Since launching our FEEL GOOD + DO GOOD initiative in 2017, over 5,000 community members in these countries have directly benefitted from:

  • 30% less sick days from school and work
  • A 19% decrease in abuse of women and girls from the typical twice daily water collection journeys
  • 2+ hours a day of time saved to help families focus on what matters most to them

Our Promise To You

It exists. There is a place where you can purchase luxury items that enable you to reconnect with yourself and provide an elevated moment in your day. A place where you can know the family you’re purchasing from, and how their products are ethically sourced and created. A place where your consumerism directly benefits the planet and its inhabitants.

From our family to yours—welcome to The Madison Collection


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